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Peterborough Diocese Education Trust

Our School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please bless us all,

Help us to care for one another and to forgive one another,

To play and work well together,

Help us to be thankful and always to remember the love of Christ and spread his love wherever we go.


Headteacher's Welcome

Ashley Scott

Thank you for taking the time to show an interest in Cottingham Church of England Primary School. As an Academy within the Peterborough Diocese Education Trust, we are a school that is continually striving to move forward by CARING, BUILDING, FOLLOWING and THINKING.

We will ensure that strong moral values run through the whole school and all of the children are given every opportunity to achieve their potential and feel proud of themselves in a caring Christian environment. By reflecting the school values along with excellent teaching and exciting and enriching learning experiences and environment the children will develop skills and discover talents.

The staff and I are very proud of the school and are keen that you feel the same way also. Our helpful and friendly staff actively encourages parents to get involved and share their views in a supportive and sharing partnership. By school, parents, the Church and the wider community working in partnership together our children will leave school as inquisitive learners with happy positive memories ready for the journey ahead.

Our vision is to offer outstanding education and care through quality, engaging teaching and learning with a commitment to valuing potential in all members of the school and its community. We believe that learning should be ‘immersive’ and therefore work hard to make all experiences for the children ‘come alive’ in a range of contexts. All that we do will be underpinned by the school’s chosen Christian values and mutual respect. Daily worship and regular visits to our Parish Church is part of our culture and is considered very important.

Whilst we recognise the importance of statutory testing and assessments, success and opportunities at Cottingham CofE do not stop at 3:15pm. Children are actively encouraged to participate in and enjoy a range of extra –curricular activities on offer both during and after school. Cottingham CofE prides itself on its sporting and musical achievements and long may this continue. We are pleased to be able to offer wrap around care both before and after school and would encourage parents to take advantage of this offer.

From the first moment that I stepped foot into Cottingham in 2017, I realised that it was a warm, exciting and happy school. I hope the information within this website provides you with some additional details about the School that you will find helpful. I warmly welcome the opportunity to show visitors around our school and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Ashley Scott